Admissions Information 

Living in a lifestyle that is plagued by addictions and other life-controlling issues is something that is confusing, difficult, and dangerous, for the person struggling as well as for the family. We hope to make this hard time in your life easier by letting you know what you can expect and what we have to offer.  Abba House is not for everyone as we are a long-term residential program that restricts a person's access to the things that they used to use to numb their pain or self-medicate. We restrict unhealthy relationships, limit caffeine and sugar consumption as well as subtle yet powerful outside influences such as social media, secular music, and mainstream news and television.  There is no smoking or mental health medications allowed. We are not equipped to care for residents who have chronic or severe health issues as we are not a medical facility. 

We are a faith-based Christian discipleship program, and we focus on the core heart issues that can cause a person to act selfish, prideful, co-dependent, manipulative, self-destructive, have a victim mentality, and other relational and self-destructive patterns. 

After submitting the online application above, you will need to send a 5-page life history to This helps us determine if someone is willing to take a look at their past which is something you will do regularly while in the program. 

For more additional or printable application forms please email

Please submit your online application before calling our intake department. Our intake coordinator can be reached at 478) 244-9075.

There is an initial entry fee of $100.00 to be paid after a resident is accepted into the program. Monthly tuition costs are $840 a month. The cost for children is $200 a month for the first child plus $100.00 for each additional child. 

Abba House provides some scholarships when available, on a case-by-case basis. To see if you qualify, please download the financial questionnaire in the documents on this webpage and send them back to

Abba House is an intensive recovery program for serious applicants who want to transform their lives. 

We work with the Department of Family and Children Services to guide a mother through her case plan and reach her objectives. We allow visitation after a mother has been with us for 30 days. We will develop a transition plan to help reunify mothers with children after the mother has shown significant progress in her recovery. 

We work with probation to help satisfy conditions of court mandated individuals. We will provide transportation to and from court. We do screen clients to ensure that they are not a risk to the women or children in the program. We do not accept sexual offenders or violent charges. 

*Please note that we require a mother enter treatment for 4 months before we begin transitioning her children to live on property with her. If you are seeking treatment then it is necessary for you to find someone to care for your children until that time. 


Abba House Graduate

"I always loved my kids, the problem was that I didn't love myself. I was hopeless, addicted, and alone. I wanted to die.

This ministry loved me until I could love myself. They taught me who God says I am. Today, I am a mother, a wife, and a leader. I love myself. I am who God says I am." 


Abba House Graduate 2016

" I came to Abba House completely broken. I was full of self-hate, and fear. I was completely ashamed of the life that I had been living. After 21 months of inner healing and facing my demons, I graduated with freedom, love, and self-worth. It wasn't easy but it was worth it. I am so grateful for my Abba sisters that surrounded me and didn't judge my past! They uplifted me and showed me God's love. Today, I have a family of my own, friends to call on, and I get to walk out God's calling for my life."

A story of sucess

Abba House Graduate 2017

"I was broken, lost, addicted, and had brought shame to my family. Abba House helped me to rebuild the foundation of my life. I had multiple felony charges, God has wiped my slate clean and transformed my life. Today, my life is completely different! I raise my children and I work in the recovery field."