Our Program

The program is a minimum of 15 months and consists of four phases.

Privileges and family contact are different for each phase.

To apply to enter the next phase students must complete the minimum time requirement for each phase.

After applying, the student is evaluated by peers and leadership.

Students must show growth in areas like having a good work ethic, being trustworthy, seeking God, completing class work, having good hygiene and a positive attitude.

They must be less manipulative, obsessive, judgmental, vindictive, self-righteous, and controlling.

These evaluations help ensure that the students have an accurate perception of areas that they are growing in and areas that they still need improvement in.

If the student has made enough progress she is advanced to the next phase, if not she is given more time in the current phase to help ensure that she will be ready for living a successful life after graduation.


Each student participates in three hours of class each day to facilitate an atmosphere for growth and healing.

Whether it is recognizing an inability to say no or the bondage that keeps a woman in isolation or dealing with having been sexually abused, these courses are designed to complement each other throughout the healing process.

Classes consist of a combination of live and video instruction as well as course books, and group discussions.

Some classes are open to the public, but space is limited.


Some Materials We Use

Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby & Claude King: Students learn how to hear and do God’s will.

How to Hear God’s Voice by Mark & Patti Virkler: Hearing God’s voice is key to the healing process. This course teaches students how to hear God’s voice and journal.

Shelter from the Storm by Cynthia Kubetin Littlefield: This book is used to uncover and deal with the sexual abuse women have suffered in their lives. These issues are brought up and dealt with in a safe supportive group environment.

Boundaries by Drs. Henry Cloud & John Townsend: We use Boundaries in an experiential group so that the bondage supporting boundaries that are too strong or the lack of boundaries can be taken to the cross.

Being Made Whole by Abba House Founders Jim & Chris Sharp: This covers every aspect of healing from a Christian perspective. The context of healing is relationship with God, others and ourselves. This course identifies what the ideal Christian life is, the bondage that keeps us from having it and how we receive our inheritance as children of God.

Elijah House: These teachings cover topics like “How We See God”, “Honoring Father & Mother”, “Grieving Losses”, “Accomplishing Forgiveness” and many more.

Experiencing Father’s Embrace & Breaking Free by Jack Frost: Both courses deal with breaking destructive habit structures of thinking that produce anger, lust, poverty, sickness, manipulation, insecurity, and emotional pain.

Freedom in Christ by Neil T. Anderson: A group bible study that gives students simple, practical guidance for weaving faith into every aspect of life.

Healing for the Angry Heart by Lisa Bevere: Helps students deal with the past and move forward in their lives. It helps them move from destructive to constructive anger.

Parenting with Intimacy, Boundaries with Kids, & Growing Kids God’s Way: Are parenting classes that rotate on a quarterly basis.


Life Skills

While addiction and mental health issues are serious and often life threatening they are not the only impediments to a successful life that women graduating from Abba House face.

We are a therapeutic community and have set a goal of ensuring that every woman at Abba House be made completely functional in every area of her life.

In keeping with this focus the title of our core curriculum is “Being Made Whole.”

The Life Skills Program at Abba House presently consists of:

  • Financial: Personal Financial training is received through Financial Peace University.

  • Leadership: Each student will have a variety of leadership positions like Housemom, Thrift Store Assistant Manager, and Thrift Store Department Leader.

  • Mental & Sexual Health: Abba House program, anger management, sexual abuse ministry

  • Physical Fitness: exercise twice a day

  • Recreational/Play: weekly game night as well as participation in special community events

  • Relational: marriage preparation and enrichment, peer and staff accountability for parenting application, family recovery, peer to peer interpersonal development

  • Spirituality: daily devotional time and church attendance on Sundays and Wednesdays

  • Vocational: typing classes, Microsoft Certication Program

  • Home Management: instruction in nutrition, cooking, maintaining home & yard, time management

  • Educational: GED, literacy


Family Recovery

We desire to help the whole family heal since the issues the addicted face are often deeply ingrained in the family system.


We have a time each Sunday where immediate family members can attend Family Group.


During the family group sessions families can learn how to communicate better and talk about issues that need to be discussed.


This can be a perfect time to seek and give forgiveness. It is difficult to face personal shortcomings, but confessing them sets an example and encourages everyone to talk about their own struggles.


Family Group is open to the public, but space is limited. Call 478-218-0043 for times and openings.


Children’s Program

As a mother enters the second phase (around the fourth month), leadership works with the student and the caretaker of her children to decide when the mother is ready to transition her children to live with her at Abba House.

There are two main goals in bringing the children; the mother must apply what she has learned about parenting and the child must receive healing for past hurts.

Many of the women at Abba House are trying to learn to be a godly mother for the first time, and it is almost impossible to learn to parent without a coach.

At Abba House we provide people who have a heart to help the mom be established as a successful parent and who have a heart to see the children flourish.